Tuesday notes

Aug 13, 2013 By Steven R. Peck

Dog days?

We don't get too many days like these in Fremont County in mid-August, namely cool, mostly cloudy and something resembling humid. Take note, because hot, hard summer most definitely can still have at us this month.

Fair scrapbook

Preparations continue for our Fremont County Fair Scrapbook edition, which goes to press later this month.

This year, the entire edit will be added to as well.

All the ribbon results have been compiled, and photographs have been stockpiled. If you are planning to run a thank-you ad following the junior livestock sale, now is the time to get it to us.

Riding With the Rangers

For decades we ran a regular column on the opinion page titled "Riding With the Rangers." In it, we assembled news and opinion tidbits that didn't quite make it as full news stories, editorials or opinion columns.

It's now been many years since "Riding With the Rangers" appeared regularly. Beginning this week, we're going to give it another try, with contributions from all Ranger staff members.

Look for the first installment of the revived "Riding With the Rangers" column Friday.

Five in the 500

On the day President Barack Obama was inaugurated for his second term, certain economists were predicting an immediate and precipitous downturn in the nation's stock markets. That's the day we used as the starting point for our imagined "Five in the 500" investments experiment. What if, on the day the president took the oath of office, you invested $500 in an "index fund" based on where the Standard and Poors 500 average finished every day?

It's been rare that the S&P 500 has gone a whole week without a gain, but that is what happened last week, when it was down 1.04 percent. For the year, however, it's way up, and had you actually invested $500 in the S&P 500 on Jan. 20, as of Tuesday morning it would have been worth $586.47.

Making the mail

Many readers have taken note of our daily update that follows this editorial on whether we "made the mail," meaning we got our newspapers to the post office in Riverton on time for next-day delivery to our many mail subscribers. That deadline was moved an hour earlier a few months ago, and it proved difficult to meet it in the earliest days of the changeover.

Now, however, we are nailing it. We've only missed it once in the past 25 publication days, and we've made the deadline every day this month. (And today was looking pretty good, too, at the time these words were being polished up at 10 a.m.).

And we are very happy to note that the post office cut us a couple of minutes of slack one day last week, which we appreciated.

Rumbling in the Carissa

Everything was looking good Saturday at South Pass City State Historic Site, where a selected few (including Ranger summer intern Andee Novotny) got a sneak peek at the huge gold mill in operation for the first time in half a century.

This Sunday anyone can see --and hear and feel --the machine in action when the Carissa Mine has its big open house to showcase another year's progress on the old mine site as it is restored for historical, educational and, yes, entertainment purposes.

The tour is free anytime from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Fire on the map

The fire of the week in our part of the state is named Hardluck. It's burned about 16,000 acres so far in the Shoshone National Forest.

But the Hardluck Fire looks a lot more troubling on a map than it does in person, at least if you are a Dubois resident.

Although it's only about 15 miles from Dubois, there is a mountain range between the town and the fire. It's not impossible for the fire to burn over the ridge and toward Dubois, but it's unlikely. In any case, the contingency is a prime area of attention for the fire managers watching the blaze. It's more interesting than worrisome at this point.

Cooler, damper weather up there is helping too; the fire Tuesday was just 90 acres bigger than it was Friday. Remember, wildfire season often gets rolling in August and September, so do your utmost to be careful in fire-prone areas --which, this time of year, is just about everyplace outdoors.

Here's to a good week.


MAIL SUBSCRIBERS: Friday's edition of The Ranger was delivered to the Riverton post office at 3:20 p.m., in time to meet the 3:30 p.m. postal deadline for next-day mail delivery.

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