Tuesday notes

Jan 9, 2018 By Steven R. Peck, Publisher

Cold vs. cold

Yes, it's been a cold beginning to the new year, but not nearly so cold as 2017 was.

One of the features of our daily weather report on page 3 - sometimes page 2 - is a look at the high and low temperature locally on the same day a year earlier. Sometimes particular weather features from 12 months ago don't stand out in our memories, particularly when we are caught up in the snow, wind, rain, heat, or, in this case, the cold of our current situation. So, as we grumble about our temperature inversion and generally low temperatures here in the first few days of 2018, it might be worth recalling that things could be worse. One year ago yesterday, for example, our high was 1 degree below zero, and our low was -23.

There's cold, and then there's cold.

Water year

Hydrologists, meteorologists, water resource managers and irrigation district officials seem to be in agreement our "water year" in the Wind River Basin is starting out well and looking good for the coming irrigation season.

We're still a long way off from full ditches, head gates and sprinklers, but those who rely on snowpack and reservoir storage for water in the summertime are sleeping a bit easier early in the year, knowing that there's snow up high and water behind the dams.

Oddly enough the early hydrology numbers locally actually are running ahead of where we were a year ago. Last winter, of course, was a record-setter in terms of snowfall in the Riverton Valley, but snowpack numbers watched by farmers and land managers aren't about snow in town, but snow in the mountains.

Wild West Winter Carnival

One of the annual features of our Fremont County winter is the Wild West Winter Carnival. This year there are some new faces in charge, and the familiar WWWC calendar has been changed and tightened up a bit. Also, Winter Carnival events are getting started earlier this year than they have in the past.

We will have some newspaper publicity about the winter carnival this week, and our news staff will be out and about with cameras and notebooks covering the festivities.

We are pleased and proud to say that one of the enduring events over three decades of WWWC fun is a Ranger promotion - the Wild West Winter Carnival Medallion Treasure Hunt. That's starting up again this week, with a cash prize offered to the person who finds the bronze disk somewhere in Fremont County.

See the first Medallion clue on page 12 of today's edition. Happy hunting.

'Fire and Fury'

On a somewhat related note concerning the new book titled "Fire and Fury" that has the president so riled up, the Trump White House is forgetting a tried and true realism about publicity, in this case as it relates to book publishing: The more fuss you make, the more books will be sold.

So far that total is about 1 million and counting. Each new tantrum from1600 Pennsylvania Avenueprobably is worth another hundred-thousand more sales - if the printer can crank out the copies fast enough to meet demand before the fervor diminishes.

If provocative author Michael Wolff has any response to the harsh criticism being blasted at him from Trump it's probably two words: "Thank you."

Alabama vs. Georgia

Mondaynight's college football championship was about as good a game as the NCAA could have asked for. The come-from-behind triumph of the Alabama Crimson Tide over the Georgia Bulldogs in overtime takes its place immediately alongside the best big games ever played.

Roll Tide, and here's to a good week.

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