There's warmth in January

Jan 5, 2018 By Robert H. Peck

Cabin fever is a problem this time of year. Bitter cold, holidays done, not much in the world to look forward to until spring for many of us, but we still exist. What a chore it is.

So we stay in. Huddled with tea and a blanket when we can, that's the idea. It's pretty good, much of the time, that stuff. Indulge.

But know when it becomes too much. The weather and winter trap us in our own heads. It's one thing to binge watch a show on the weekend, but another to be unhappy because you're cut off. Learn the difference, and when you spot the unhappiness this time of year, look out, not in. Get out into the community. There's good in it.

We have a beautiful community college campus. Have you seen it all? Sit in the lobbies, walk the paths. The college is young and alive, even in the winter. It's a local escape with some of the best architecture and thinking in our state.

And it's probably no more than a few miles away from you right now.

There's a vibrant restaurant scene in Riverton. Lander, too. New places open often; have you been to all of them yet? And that's just one city--half an hour in either direction, there's more to find.

A good meal can cheer you right up.

Wyoming is, of course, a natural masterpiece, nearly unparalleled on Earth. That continues through winter. There are animal species here that you won't find as easily anywhere else, trails and hills galore to hand everywhere. Snow augments these; it does not ruin them. Take a walk or a hike, and keep your eyes open. It's fun to bundle up and see what's around. If you have a favorite outdoor place you visit in warm weather, see what it's like in winter.

Take an afternoon drive if it's too cold to walk. Drive safely, but know snow removal has gone well this year. Take some cocoa with you if you like. There are still plenty of holiday lights up, but you don't even need that extra layer to appreciate the countryside.

This probably all sounds cloying. "Oh, get out and see the lovely day." Bah. It's dreary is what it is, and you don't need me to give cliched cheer up advice.

Fair enough. The house is a great place to be too. Cook, and take a bath, and read. There are lots of things to do. But beware getting cooped up too long, that's all.

When you do want to go out, know that the cold weather belies the warmth of a hundred different things to do--things that haven't gone away just because of January.

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