Man arrested after 'spinning cookies'

Jan 3, 2018 By Kelli Ameling, Staff Writer

A Lander man was arrested for being in possession of multiple drugs this month after someone reported he was "spinning cookies" in his truck.

Officers from the Lander Police Department responded at about 9:30 p.m. Saturday to reports that someone was driving a truck in sharp circles - otherwise known as "spinning cookies" - in the parking lot of Lander Valley High School.

Police at the scene arrested Terrell McNiven, 22, of Lander, for possession of marijuana, methamphetamine, LSD and Schedule IV drugs.

He also was cited for careless driving.


The Drug Enforcement Administration defines schedule-four drugs as having a low potential for abuse and low risk of dependence; examples include Xanax, Valium, Ativan, Ambien and Tramadol.

During McNiven's initial appearance Monday in Circuit Court, Ninth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Robert Denhardt stated the substance involved in this case was Xanax, a drug McNiven did not have prescription for.

Denhardt told McNiven he could face up to one year in prison and $1,000 in fines plus other fees for each possession charge, and up to 20 days in jail and $200 in fines plus other fees if convicted of the other charge.

The judge also explained that enhanced penalties could be added if McNiven has former charges, or if he is convicted of more than one possession charge in this case, which could change the charges to a felony.


Deputy Fremont County attorney Seth Griswold argued that McNiven should to be held on a $1,000 cash bond, stating that, although McNiven is not a "flight risk," he does have a history.

Griswold noted that, based on police reports, $700 in cash and a scale were found in McNiven's vehicle when the incident occurred.

The judge agreed, setting McNiven's bond at $1,000 cash and requiring McNiven to be tested for drugs and alcohol twice a week.

Denhardt also said if McNiven posts bond, he is not allowed to leave the Fremont County Detention Center until urine samples test negative for drugs.

"What kind of drugs?" McNiven asked tearfully in court.

"All of them," Denhardt said.

McNiven said he would pay for his own attorney and asked how he was supposed to post the $1,000 bond if he is jail.

"That's not my problem (to figure out)," Denhardt said.

McNiven was still at the detention center as of 11 p.m. Tuesday.

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