2017 in Review

Dec 31, 2017 From staff reports


3 - A federal judge has dismissed a discrimination lawsuit that Ruby Ziegler, the new warden of the Wyoming Honor Farm, filed last year against the state's Department of Corrections.

4 - A Riverton auctioneer whose many debts led to legal trouble has pleaded guilty to obtaining property by false pretenses. During his plea hearing, Clyde Stone said he generally misused his clients' funds in order to pay down other debts.

4 - Fremont Counseling plans to apply for a $65,000 federal grant to facilitate the transport of "Title 25" patients who are temporarily detained because they are believed to be a threat to themselves or others.

5 - The unusual abundance of snow that fell on Christmas and New Year's weekends in Riverton generated a pile o feedback - both positive and negative - for staff at City Hall.

5 - A lawsuit that two Pavillion-area farmers launched against Encana is set to go to trial. Jeff and Rhonda Locker filed in 2014 alleging that Encana is responsible for fraud because a company it later purchased failed to test well water that made Rhonda seriously ill.

5 - Family and friends gathered to remember Big John Smith, 68, who died Dec. 31 at the Wyoming Medical Center in Casper. Those who worked with him on Wind River Indian Reservation transportation issues said he did more for road improvements in Indian Country than anyone else.

6 - Riverton man Paul Miller has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for fatally hitting his 3-month-old son in the head.

6 - Riverton set a new weather record for the day when the temperature plummeted to 33 degrees below zero. The previous record of W22;31 degrees was set in 1942. At Riverton Regional Airport it was W22;25 degrees, breaking the previous record there of W22;20 degrees set in 2004.

8 - Wyoming Sen. Cale Case, R-Lander, says lawmakers will have to make difficult budgetary decisions during the upcoming legislative session starting Jan. 10, in part because they overestimated the amount of revenue hat would come from taxation of the minerals industries in 2016.

11 - Continued funding for tribal liaisons was one of five general fund requests Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead included in his supplemental budget proposal this year.

11 - A portion of the South Federal Inn, 221 S. Federal Blvd., was burned. The business manager said room where the fire started was empty at the time.

12 - Wyoming Rep. Jim Allen, R-Lander, is more hopeful about an American Indian education program bill that is returning to the debate platform for the 2017 session of the Wyoming Legislature.

12 - The Wyoming Department of Health is working on a scaled-back alternative for the Wyoming Life Resource Center in Lander. The smaller project might be necessary due to the ongoing recession in the state.

13 - The Wyoming House of Representatives approved a measure on first reading that would allow Wyoming to become a Nuclear Regulatory Commission "agreement state."

13 - Mayor Lars Baker administered the oath of office to new council member Tim Hancock and returning members Sean Peterson and Holly Jibben.

15 - The $968 that Fremont County spent per capita in taxes last year was 21 percent less than the average amount spent by counties across Wyoming, according to data from the state's Department of Audit.

15 - The Northern Arapaho Solid Waste District is offering the City of Riverton a cheaper deal on trash disposal services if the city stepped away from its agreement with the Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District.

17 - The State Board of Education has made American Indian student issues a priority for this legislative session.

17 - Legislators and local superintendents pushed back this week on an idea to limit Wyoming counties to one school district apiece.

17 - Crowds gathered at Riverton City Park on Monday morning for the annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day march up Federal Boulevard to Riverton City Hall.

17 - The enrollment of Riverton's school district has now dropped 8.6 percent in a little more than two years.

18 - Fremont County has confirmed its first-ever death directly caused by heroin.

18 - Costs are likely to go up for local hospital patients after Blue Cross Blue Shield dropped the SageWest Health Care emergency departments in Riverton and Lander as preferred providers.

18 - Guardian EMS has averaged a total response time of almost 16 minutes in its first six months providing Fremont County's ambulances services.

19 - A bill that would incorporate American Indian education into public school standards passed out of the House Education Committee on Wednesday with a 9-0 vote.

19 - Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming plans to "expedite" the process to bring the emergency rooms at SageWest hospitals back in network, officials at the insurance company said this week.

19 - Mickey Douglas will resign from the Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees effective Feb. 13.

20 - Despite local worries that the Wyoming Legislature might opt to scale back the planned $77 million reconstruction of the Wyoming Life Resource Center, State Rep. Lloyd Larsen, R-Lander, said he's confident the state will move forward with the current plans for the Lander facility, and Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston.

20 - Roughly 5,500 community members enrolled in more than 300 different classes with the R Recreation program in 2016.

22 -Wyoming Senate President Eli Bebout, R-Riverton, announced that he won't assign a committee to hear a controversial lands transfer bill, effectively killing the proposal, which would have helped paved the way for a transfer of federal lands to the state.

22 - Irrigation season is still months away, but early indications are good for a plentiful water supply the spring and summer.

24 - Another heavy band of precipitation lingered over Fremont County this week, dumping up to 11 inches of snow in areas from Riverton to Lander.

24 - The Wyoming Senate has defeated an amendment that would have decreased the amount of licenses available for the annual One Shot Antelope Hunt in Lander.

24 - The Northern Arapaho Tribe is severely underfunded when compared to other tribes across the United States.

25 - This week's weather broke several snow records in the Riverton area. With six days left in the month, this already has been the snowiest January on record in Riverton. This also has been the snowiest two-month period spanning December and January, and the amount of snow currently resting on the ground is the deepest ever recorded for the month.

25 - The Wyoming Aeronautics Commission has renewed a $1.1 million grant for Riverton to help secure a new contract with Denver Air Connection for the 2018 fiscal year.

26 - The same day the Wyoming Legislature released a comprehensive proposal on K-12 school funding, the Riverton school board began preparing for the cuts that it likely will have barely a month to make after the state finalizes a spending plan in early March.

26 - Riverton Regional Airport is set to receive much-needed upgrades while potentially paying only about $50,000 for nearly a half million dollars in work.

27 - Administrators at Central Wyoming College are trying to get Teton County to provide financial support for a new facility in Jackson.

27 - Riverton City Council member Lee Martinez is back home recovering after undergoing surgery in Denver earlier this month to remove a tumor in his brain.

29 - Spring semester enrollment totals at Central Wyoming College continue to fall short of expectations.

31 - After serving the City of Riverton for five and a half years as city administrator, Steven Weaver announced his resignation Friday to city staff, effective March 1.


1 - A bill has passed the Wyoming House that would allow Central Wyoming College to move forward on its agriculture and animal science center project using private funding.

2 - Wyoming's new license plate design features a Fremont County scene, including Lower Green River Lake and Squaretop Mountain.

2 - A previous mandate for Fremont County to close the Lander landfill has been withdrawn, to the relief of the Fremont County Solid Waste Disposal District.

3 - The House Appropriations Committee approved the reconstruction of the Wyoming Life Resource Center on Wednesday, allocating at least $139.5 million for the both the Lander facility and Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston.

5 - Legislators have stripped a school spending bill of a 2 percent sale tax increase.

7 - Wyoming's Joint Appropriations Committee has decided on only partial funding for the state's tribal liaison positions for fiscal year 2018.

8 - The Wyoming House of Representatives voted to reinstate a 0.5 percent increase to the state's sales tax in its main school finance bill.

9 - The City of Riverton has used half of the funding set aside to battle snow in the city during the winter season, which has included the wettest January on record since 1968.

9 - State legislators have proposed several measures affecting Wyoming Statute Title 25 -- which provides for emergency detention of people deemed to be a threat to themselves or others. However, none of the bills is likely to appease the concerns of Fremont County officials, whose pocketbooks have been burdened disproportionately by the statute.

9 - Sen. Cale Case, R-Lander, tried to restore full funding for Wyoming's tribal liaisons on Wednesday, but the proposal failed to gain approval from a majority of the Senate.

10 - The Wyoming Supreme Court has demanded a new trial for Jeremiah Shull, the Riverton man who was convicted of murder after killing his estranged wife's lover in 2014.

10 - Unexpected runoff levels caused streets to flood Thursday evening on Lander's west side.

10 - Snow-removal workers battled major snow drifts Wednesday near both South Pass City and Dubois.

12 - Heavy snow and thick ice locked in place by weeks of unseasonable cold have been freed by a rapid burst of warm, windy weather in recent days, bringing widespread flooding to populated areas of Fremont County.

12 - Sergio Maldonado has resigned from his post as Northern Arapaho tribal liaison to Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead.

12 - The Wyoming Senate approved an amendment Friday that allows Central Wyoming College to use private funding on an outreach center in Jackson.

14 - An amendment that would have limited the amount of money the state could spend to incorporate American Indian education into state public school standards failed in the Wyoming House.

14 - Two more attempts to restore funding for Wyoming's tribal liaisons have failed.

15 - The Fremont County Commissioner is asking elected officials and department heads to cut another 10 percent from their budgets as Wyoming's economic downturn digs in its heels. The move comes after departments were asked last spring to submit a "bare bones budget" that included only funding needed to fulfill statutory obligations.

15 - Riverton City Council has renewed its contract with Denver Air Connection for another year, which will ensure the airline keeps serving Fremont County's only commercial airport through 2018.

16 - The reconstruction of the Wyoming Life Resource Center is set for approval by Gov. Matt Mead after the Senate passed a funding bill for the Lander facility and the Wyoming State Hospital in Evanston.

17 - A bill to establish specialty Wyoming license platesconnected to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes passed in the Wyoming Senate with no "nay" votes.

19 - The Fremont County School District 25 Recreation Board awarded less in grant funding to local organizations this year compared to the previous award period in 2016.

19 - Riverton city staff will recommend that the city council reject an offer by the Northern Arapaho Solid Waste Program to haul solid waste to its transfer station, city officials said.

19 - A project to reroute the Wind River in Johnstown Valley could complicate an already dangerous Fremont County flood season, leading to risks that officials described as unprecedented in local history.

21 - A 71-year-old Riverton woman was killed in a fire at her home in the 2500 block of Primrose Lane.

21 - Seven people have submitted letters of interest for the Riverton interim city administrator position by the deadline. Six people have applied to fill a seat left open by resignation on the Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees.

22 - The Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that a 1905 Act of Congress did diminish the boundaries of the Wind River Indian Reservation.

22 - A 33-year-old Lander man was found dead Tuesday night in an irrigation lateral flowing with a large volume of water along Honor Farm Road in Riverton, shortly after search and rescue efforts began.

23 - The Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes plan to appeal a ruling from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals, which determined that a 1905 act of Congress diminished the boundary of the Wind River Indian Reservation -- meaning Riverton is not part of the reservation.

23 - The Riverton City Council voted Tuesday to deny a proposal from the Northern Arapaho Tribe that would have changed who handles the city's trash.

23 - Paula Hunker was appointed to represent the Lander sub-district on the Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees.

24 - Wyoming Rep. Jim Allen, R-Lander, put forth an amendment that would have included a tribal member on the proposed committee to oversee and promote economic diversification activities in the state. The amendment failed.

26 - The addition of ducks to the city's current list of allowed animals was approved on first reading during a meeting of the Riverton City Council.

28 - The Wyoming Legislature has approved an initiative Senate President Eli Bebout, R-Riverton, and House Majority Floor Leader David Miller, R-Riverton, sponsored this year to create the Economically Needed Diversity Options for Wyoming (ENDOW) executive council, which will develop a 20-year economic diversification strategy for the state.


1 - The Wyoming Senate voted to remove specific references to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes from a bill that incorporates American Indian education into public school standards in the state.

1 - Central Wyoming College president Brad Tyndall doesn't think the tuition increase

The Wyoming Community College Commission approved a tuition increase that local administrators don't think will have much of an impact on students. Instead, they said, the $5 per credit increase will allow Central Wyoming College to weather cuts anticipated from the Wyoming Legislature this year.

2 - University of Wyoming president Laurie Nichols visited Wind River Indian Reservation schools as part of an outreach effort to tell administrators about new programs for American Indian students coming to UW.

2 - For the second time in a row, Shoshoni High School had the highest percentage of students earning diplomas in four years in Fremont County, according to a series of data released by the Department of Education.

3 - Bison relocated to land on the Wind River Indian Reservation appear to be thriving as a long winter winds down.

3 - The Wyoming House failed to concur with Senate-made changes that removed specific references to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes from a bill that incorporates American Indian education into public school standards in the state.

5 - Riverton residents will soon be able to pay their city utility bills by phone through the use of a new cell phone application.

7 - Reference to the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes was restored to a bill to incorporate American Indian education into public school standards in the state.

7 - The City of Riverton is planning to regulate temporary merchants "so as to preserve the health, safety, and welfare of the citizens of Riverton," states a draft ordinance now under consideration by the city council.

8 - Riverton's former director of administrative services, Courtney Bohlender, is back at work at City Hall after the city council and mayor approved a contract agreement for the interim city administrator position.

8 - Florin Brandon Wyatt of Riverton, charged with one count of second degree murder, told authorities he used a claw hammer to kill a 56-year-old Keith Stephenson.

8 - The Bureau of Land Management is looking for ways to promote tourism in the South Pass area as part of a Resource Management Plan for the Lander area.

9 - Fremont County Attorney Patrick LeBrun has upgraded the murder charge against Florin Brandon Wyatt to from second-degree to first-degree, indicating that he believes the killing of Keith Stephenson was premeditated.

9 - Riverton public-school students will sharpen their pencils this week and next for mandated Proficiency Assessments of Wyoming Students testing for the 2016-2017 assessment period.

10 - Fremont County's unemployment rate was higher in December than a year earlier, but other signs pointed to a stable or improving job market locally as the year ended.

10 - The number of new building permits for single family homes purchased in 2016 - five - shows a drastic decline in the amount of people making Riverton their home. Twenty such building permits were purchased the year before.

10 - A pedestrian bridge just south of Riverton that was closed last month due to instability of a pier remains off limits.

12 - One man was injured -- and apparently taken into custody -- following an improbable vehicle rollover in which a car flipped on its top in the middle of Main Street in downtown Riverton.

12 - Wind River Basin snowpack has been measured at 200 percent of average for the past two weeks.

12 - The installation of lights at the Tyler Ray Apodaca Skatepark this week was the last task needed to complete the park, which opened in August of 2015.

14 - Spring enrollment totals continue to lag behind last year's numbers at Central Wyoming College.

14 - Riverton Police Department chief Mike Broadhead formally has submitted his official resignation to the city.

14 - No one was injured when a full-sized school bus caught fire inside the Riverton school district's bus garage.

15 - The Fremont County library board has invited an Iowa woman to become county's new library director.

15 - Two Fremont County teens died Tuesday evening in a triple-fatal collision north of Lander.

15 -Riverton superintendent Terry Snyder told the school board to plan on eliminating at least 18 full-time positions, including 10 certified staff - mostly teachers - due to projected funding cuts from the state.

16 -Lander schools superintendent Dave Barker said he's "very confident" that state cuts can be made in his district without layoffs.

16 - February marked a record for Fremont County Coroner Mark Stratmoen, who said the month gave him the most cases the county has had since monthly totals were first counted in 2013.

17 - Ninety-eight kindergarteners were registered Friday to enroll at Aspen Early Learning Center in Riverton.

17 - With the potential rising for flooding in Fremont County this spring, emergency management officials are encouraging local residents to purchase insurance plans to protect themselves from financial losses related to natural disasters.

19 - Fremont County's public school districts will determine for themselves whether certain employees can carry guns on the job after the Wyoming Legislature approved a bill this year that permits individual school districts decide the issue.

19 - School buses from Casper, Thermopolis, Basin, Shoshoni, Ethete, Arapahoe and Lander picked up and dropped off Riverton students before and after school after more than a dozen Riverton buses were damaged in a fire.

21 - Hydrologists say the potential for flooding associated with snowmelt in the Wind River Basin this spring is moderate to high. The snow-water equivalent in the Wind River Basin was 170 percent of median - among the highest in the state, and the highest recorded for the date since 1997.

22 - A federal district court judge has ordered the Northern Arapaho Business Council and the United States to begin mediation in a lawsuit that alleges the local Bureau of Indian Affairs office violated the tribe's sovereignty by preventing the tribe from running its own court system.

22 - Fremont County transportation director Dave Pendleton said up to $30,000 of 1 percent infrastructure tax dollars will be needed to repair local roads damaged by flooding that resulted from warm temperatures in February.

23 - Teton County voters will decide in May whether to financially support a proposed new Central Wyoming College center in Jackson. CWC is on the ballot in Teton County to receive $3.82 million in special-purpose excise tax funding that would be used to buy property and pay for architectural and engineering designs for the center.

23 - Beginning April 1, Riverton Police Department captain Eric Murphy will be the new interim chief of police.

23 - No one was injured Wednesday after multi-hour standoff that resulted in the arrest of a 28-year-old Riverton man. Officials said Randy Pickering had barricaded himself in his home and fired multiple shots at police in an attempt to evade arrest.

24 - The question this spring isn't whether there will be flooding in the Wind River Basin - it's how severe the flooding will be.

24 - Ducks now are welcome in the City of Riverton.

24 - After failing to win city approval for a liquor license at the Good to Go store, 203 N. Federal Blvd., the convenience store is getting the license at the Good to Go adjacent to Burger King. The previous request was denied after nearly a dozen community members spoke against the move, citing efforts to address public intoxication at nearby City Park.

26 - New lights will illuminate Riverton's Tyler Apodaca Memorial Skate Park until 11 p.m. Fridays through May 26.

26 - Fremont County's population has been falling steadily since 2012, state economists say.

28 - Board members and faculty at Fremont County School District 38 are looking for ways to incorporate more American Indian culture in the classrooms of the Wyoming Indian schools.

29 - A year ago, Fremont County Treasurer Scott Harnsberger expected the county's assessed value -- its total amount of taxable property -- to bottom out at $669 million in 2017 before rebounding to $707 million in the 2018 fiscal year. Instead, the assessed value is now projected to drop another 9 percent, to $615 million.

29 - A revamped recycling program is going into effect for Riverton residents.

30 - Riverton school officials hope the district's buses will be ready for use again by next week. The fleet has undergone extensive cleaning following a March 13 fire that damaged more than dozen vehicles at the local bus garage.

31 - A flood advisory is in effect in Fremont County, where some areas had already seen more than 2 inches of rain, with snow at higher elevations.

31 - Fremont County Clerk Julie Freese said she favors the Wyoming Legislature's decision this session to automatically restore nonviolent felons' voter rights for crimes committed since 2010.


2 - Although the U.S. Forest Service still intends to add new roads to the Shoshone National Forest under a new management plan, the part of the forest encompassing the Wind River Mountains probably won't see a significant net increase in roadways.

4 - Officials say the driver who died in a triple-fatal, two-vehicle crash last month north of Lander had consumed 10 times the impaired driving limit for cannabis, so the deaths of his passengers are now considered homicides. The deaths prompted Fremont County Coroner Mark Stratmoen to release a public health and safety message related to impaired driving.

4 - Both Riverton and Lander saw record rainfall on the last day of March, when at least one family, including two adults and three children, was displaced from a home on Rendezvous Road. The rain was followed a few days later by 9 inches of snow in downtown Riverton.

4 -The new fire siren on Washington Avenue has been sounding the "noon whistle" earlier and earlier each day, and the issue worsened when Daylight Saving Time arrived. Officials are addressing the problem.

5 - Officials say a Feb. 20 fire that killed a Riverton woman in her home on Primrose Lane was accidental, caused by smoking while on oxygen therapy.

5 - With Wind River Basin snowpack at historic highs, seasonal runoff is expected to wear on local infrastructure this spring, especially if Fremont County continues to be hammered by rain. Snow that fell this week melted quickly, replaced by the threat of localized flooding along area waterways.

5 - The public is invited to meet the three finalists for the permanent Riverton city administrator position this week.

6 - A U.S. Senate committee learned about Wind River Indian Reservation issues during a roundtable discussion in Washington, D.C.

6 - During spring break, Riverton was completing repairs that became necessary at Willow Creek Elementary School after the building suffered some damage during February floods.

7 - Reeling from losses in state funding, Riverton's school district has identified several positions that will be cut next year.

7 - For the first time, Muddy Ridge and other Bureau of Reclamation lands near Boysen Reservoir have been leased out to cattle ranchers via competitive bidding.

9 - Family and friends mourned the death of Riverton City Council member Lee Martinez. He was 76 years old.

9 - After holding a special meeting and executive session to discuss three finalists, the city council agreed to enter into contract negotiations with the top candidate for city administrator.

9 - Fewer people are employed at Central Wyoming College this year than at any time in at least a decade: CWC currently has 209 full-time employees, down from 234 in 2016.

11 - Fremont County Commissioners will meet with the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho business councils later this month to discuss the possibility that the tribes could take over responsibility for maintenance of county roads on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

12 - A sudden increase in traffic and waste top Riverton public works director Kyle Butterfield's list of concerns as the city prepares for an influx of visitors in August, when a total solar eclipse makes a rare appearance over Fremont County.

13 - Seven Riverton schools employees were laid off to accommodate the $1.2 million funding cut the district faces for the coming school year.

14 - Talks aimed at reaching a settlement in the lawsuit the Northern Arapaho Business Council filed against the federal government are expected this month.

14 - After an executive session, the Riverton City Council voted to rescind the city administrator offer of employment it had agreed to make to its top candidate, instead deciding to continue to advertise for the position.

14 - Riverton Regional Airport was one of six airports recognized last month during the recent Federal Aviation Administration Northwest Mountain Region Airports Conference in Seattle.

14 - Administrators at Central Wyoming College continue to address a decrease in concurrent enrollments stemming from a change in credentialing requirements through the Higher Learning Commission.

16 - Retired Wyoming Public Broadcasting Service general manager Ruby Calvert is now a "lay leader" for Wyoming PBS, and in February she was elected as a trustee for America's Public Television Stations, a nonprofit organization that provides advocacy and support for stations throughout the country.

16 - Officials at the federal level are ramping up immigration enforcement nationwide, but in Fremont County, Sheriff Skip Hornecker says his agency hasn't had much of a problem with illegal immigration.

18 - The Riverton City Council is considering a recommendation from city staff to increase utility rates across the board for Riverton residents.

19 - Fremont County has been setting weather records all week, including new daily records for precipitation April 18 and April 19 and a new year-to-date record for precipitation.

19 - A vacancy officially was declared for the Ward 2 Riverton City Council seat that belonged to Lee Martinez until his death April 7.

20 - Paul Miller has been sentenced to 65 years to life imprisonment for the August killing of his 3-month-old son.

21 - The restoration and related rechanneling of the Wind River near Kinnear has been completed, according to the Army Corps of Engineers and attorneys for the United States.

21 - A local committee is two weeks ahead of schedule for upgrades at the Veterans Memorial Park behind City Hall on North Federal Boulevard along the Rails to Trails path.

21 - While meeting with Fremont County commissioners, Wyoming Department of Health director Tom Forslund suggested the county could use some self-reflection about how it handles issues of mental illness, given the unusual amount of money spent locally to hospitalize people deemed to be a threat to themselves or others.

23 - Federal district court judge Brian Morris has approved the Eastern Shoshone Tribe's request to participate in a settlement conference over the lawsuit between the Northern Arapaho Tribe and United States that was filed last year after the dissolution of the Joint Business Council.

23 - District court judge Norman Young is set to dismiss the remainder of a lawsuit against the city of Riverton by the parents of Sophia Archer, the 7-year-old who was struck and killed by an elderly driver while crossing Sunset Drive in 2015.

25 - As Fremont County's tax revenue continues to slide, the optional 1 percent sales tax for infrastructure is proving to be a timely savior for the county's transportation department.

25 - Two members of the Riverton Police Department had a brush with a mountain lion Monday after the animal was spotted on Sunset Drive near Jaycee Park.

25 - The Riverton City Council unanimously approved an ordinance allowing regulation of temporary merchants.

26 - Beginning next month, Riverton residents will see an increase in their utility bills. The Riverton City Council approved the higher rate during a regular council meeting last week.

26 - The basketball, volleyball and track teams of Riverton High School are set to go back into the 4-A classification after a vote by the Wyoming High School Activities Association.

26 - A mountain lion that was spotted Monday in Riverton was shot to death Wednesday after being sighted again near homes around Jackson Elementary school.

26 - A planned technology upgrade to Riverton school buses will allow students to swipe a "Z Pass" when they get on and off the bus each day next year.

27 - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department expects to open a wolf hunting season this year after a U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals finalized a decision this week to restore management of the gray wolf back to the state.

27 - Fremont County Library System leadership has already taken action to make cuts that will accommodate a proposed 10 percent budget reduction for the upcoming fiscal year, cutting hours and charging fees for use of meeting rooms, among other moves.

27 - Riverton's animal shelter was inundated this week after 50 dogs were discovered at a residence west of town.

28 - As declining tax revenue has hurt the ability of Fremont County's government to continue its work as usual, available funding for social services is becoming slimmer.

28 - Increased moisture is causing more rocks to fall in Wind River Canyon. The highway through the canyon was closed as a new snowstorm arrived, and officials say human safety concerns may lead to more closures if rocks continue to fall.

30 - Voters in Teton County will decide whether to use money from a special purpose excise tax to buy property for a new Central Wyoming College center in Jackson. It's the first time a CWC tax question ever has appeared on the ballot in another county.

30 - Due to the moisture that's come early and often to Fremont County this year, chorispora tenella, the purple flower better known as blue mustard, has blanketed fields around Riverton.


2 - The snow piled high in the Wind River Mountains is forecast to begin melting this week as temperatures start to rise.

2 - When the Fremont County Commission asked its officials for a 10-percent budget cut, departments with statutory obligations generally fell far short of that mark. But other departments with more elective expenses, and outside groups reliant on the county, have fared better so far.

3 - Emergency management officials are bracing for flooding this weekend in the Wind River Basin due to rising temperatures and high levels of mountain snowpack.

3 - Teton County voters have agreed to buy property for a new Central Wyoming College center in Jackson using proceeds from a 1 percent Specific Purpose ExciseTax.

3 - Lance Goede is the new representative for Riverton's Ward 2.

4 - Efforts to curb drunken-driving in Fremont County appear to be paying off: Data analysis since 2006 shows a decrease of 46 percent in DUI arrests locally.

4 - The Wind River Canyon was closed for about 90 minutes again this week after a rock slide destroyed about 100 feet of guardrail.

4 - Fremont County's juvenile justice program recorded almost 330 citations for youth offenses in 2016.

5 - The 10th Circuit of Appeals has pushed back the deadline for appeals to be filed in the lawsuit over whether Riverton lies within the boundaries of the Wind River Indian Reservation.

5 - As is clear to anyone driving by on the causeway, the Bureau of Reclamation is lowering Boysen Reservoir in anticipation of record inflows forecast for the spring and early summer.

7 - Travis Becker, chairman of the Fremont County Commission, is pushing for the county government to receive 10 percent of the county's lodging tax receipts.

7 - Fremont County's unemployment picture improved sharply in March, with the unemployment rate dropping by the second-largest percentage in Wyoming over the past year.

7 - After a two-day water search, authorities have confirmed that two Fremont County residents died in a boating accident in Idaho.

7 - A comparison of data records shows traffic fatalities have fallen in Fremont County over recent years.

9 - Local forecasters said the weather pattern that Fremont County experienced over the weekend was perfect for avoiding spring floods from snowmelt runoff.

10 - About half of the students in the Riverton school district stayed home from classes Wednesday after police became aware Tuesday evening of a "threat" against the district.

10 - Local residents have told the Fix Our Roads Citizen's Committee that the alley behind Rocky Mountain Sports, 709 N. Federal Blvd., needs extra attention.

10 - Local community members have come together to organize an event similar to Rendezvous in the Park around the time Fremont County will celebrate the Aug. 21 total eclipse.

11 - Police have not yet arrested anyone in connection with the threat made this week to Riverton schools, but officials say they intend to press charges.

11 - Firefighter Clarence "Speed" Hartbank, who lost his life in the line of duty, will be honored by the state in ceremonies.

12 - A 17-year-old student was arrested and charged with felony juvenile delinquency connected to terroristic threats after he allegedly left a note in the commons area of Riverton High School threatening an attack akin to the 1999 Columbine massacre.

12 - Students at Willow Creek Elementary School will begin planting a garden next month after the school received a $3,000 grant to increase "nutritional diet awareness in students."

14 - Law enforcement and other officials have been learning about mental illnesses this week during a training session in Riverton.

14 - As redevelopment of the old Riverton hospital property continues in east Riverton, more than 80 volunteers put in the time and muscle needed to lay 10,000 square feet of sod and build 500 feet of privacy fence in a busy eight hours on three new houses in Riverton built by Habitat for Humanity.

16 - Revenues from the state and county and from student tuition all are decreasing at Central Wyoming College according to the school's preliminary budget for fiscal year 2018.

16 - Central Wyoming College nursing graduates were recognized during colorful pinning ceremonies this month at the Robert A. Peck Arts Center Theater in Riverton.

17 - St. Stephen's Indian High School held its first-ever National Honor Society induction ceremony recently at the Wind River Hotel and Casino.

17 - Despite leadership shakeups and financial struggles, Great Lake Airlines has not indicated any "change in direction" in its service at Riverton Regional Airport.

18 - A three judge panel from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has dismissed multiple appeals from Andrew Yellowbear, requiring the convicted murderer to pay court fees in his current lawsuit against the Wyoming prison system.

18 - As wet snow and rain continues to fall on Fremont County, snowpack in the high mountains is melting, causing problems on Wyoming Highway 28 over South Pass.

18 - High school graduation season is in full swing in Fremont County, with 10 out of the 11 high schools in the county holding commencement exercises over the next two weeks.

19 - The estimated $12.62 million North Federal Boulevard highway improvement project in Riverton isn't expected to fully begin until after the Aug. 21 solar eclipse.

19 - The Riverton City Council has authorized city staff to allow the transfer of $350,000 in federal dollars belonging to Riverton Regional Airport to Rock Springs Sweetwater County Airport.

21 - Crossing guard Juanita Bouchard, 78, will retire this year after 25 years on the job.

21 - Five new programs are coming to Central Wyoming College after garnering approval from the CWC Board of Trustees.

21 - In the first full year of service through Denver Air Connection, Riverton Regional Airport is on pace to fall short of 10,000 enplanements in 2017.

23 - The Riverton Wyoming Splash Pad Group has secured the final funding needed to start the process of bringing a recreational splash pad water feature to City Park.

23 - Riverton celebrated the shade of trees and the service of veterans in a combined Arbor Day and Armed Forces Day event at Veterans Memorial Park behind City Hall.

24 - The Fremont County Commission found it couldn't give land away to a non-governmental nonprofit agency. Commissioners had been considering donating property to Fremont County Group Homes.

24 - A slight fee increase was established this month on the costs to build structures in Riverton.

25 - After nearly a decade, the City of Riverton will soon be able to complete the Riverton Water Supply project that has been at a standstill due to the absence of an easement agreement. For some time, the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes were unable to agree on a method for granting access for the easement.

25 - The Midvale Irrigation District has forged a plan to monitor grazing on the 51,500-acre tract of land known as Muddy Ridge and other Bureau of Reclamation land that was leased out on 25-year terms in early April.

26 - Local law enforcement officials say their collaborative efforts, and simply bringing the issue to light, have likely resulted in progress for addressing a cattle rustling problem in Fremont County.

28 - Fremont County's deficit sat at $2.2 million even after department heads and elected officials were asked to make a 10 percent cut from their 2017 fiscal year budgets. If the board opts not to cut much deeper, the county will need to tap some funds that are on the verge of running dry, or backfill for a second year - likely the last year that move is possible.

28 - Central Wyoming College hopes to develop its newly branded Alpine Science Institute into a nationally renowned program at the school.

30 - A structure fire that drew the attention of motorists in west Riverton was set intentionally and legally, but firefighters do not recommend or condone such activity.

30 - Two motorcyclists died over the weekend in separate incidents in Riverton.

30 - The federal Bureau of Indian Affairs believes increased incidence of aggravated assault on the Wind River Indian Reservation is tied to a rise in meth use among the community.

31 - Riverton remains the ninth-largest city in the state, with 10,997 people, and has been one of the least-affected by the energy downturn, having gained two people from July 2015 through July 2016, according to the Census Bureau.

1 - Local search and rescue volunteers spent the night Wednesday deep in the Wind River Mountains retrieving a man who had suffered an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound to his abdomen.


1 - Aspen Early Learning Center graduated its first class May 25.

1 - State legislators in Fremont County, as well as the county commissioners themselves, are pushing back at a scoping notice from the Bureau of Land Management's Lander office that they say unfairly implied grazing had harmed the health of the rangeland.

2 - Conditions have combined to create flood concerns for the next few weeks in the Wind River Basin.

2 - The school year is coming to an end, but Ashgrove Elementary saw a new beginning this week when hundreds of students gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony at a new garden on the school's southeast lawn.

4 - An official flood warning was issued Saturday for the Wind, Little Wind and Popo Agie rivers after unseasonably warm temperatures complicated an already dangerous runoff season.

4 - The Riverton City Council will continue its search for a new city administrator.

6 - Five Fremont County residents died Saturday evening at the scene of a two-vehicle, head-on collision south of Riverton.

6 - Fremont County officials said no one has had to be evacuated despite local water levels, which are expected to remain high through the coming weekend as snow continues to melt off of the Wind River Mountains.

6 - The western region's cold, wet spring has put local farmers behind in their growing operations, but area educators say the situation isn't all bad.

7 - Forecasters are predicting record water levels will hit Fremont County over the weekend as area rivers continue to rise.

8 - Major flooding is forecast to hit Riverton this weekend as the Wind River exceeds its previous record crest set in July 2011.

8 - As the population of grizzly bears in the greater Yellowstone area continues to grow, the animals are moving farther south in the Wind River Mountains.

9 - Residents along the Riverton Valley Irrigation Canal have been asked to prepare for potential evacuations this weekend as area waterways reach historic flood levels.

9 - A black bear spotted Thursday near Deadman Gulch Road south of Lander was tranquilized and relocated.

11 - Cooler temperatures slowed the advance of record=breaking floodwaters across Fremont County, but many areas remain inundated with water, and some waterways still are expected to rise in the coming days.

11 - Mike Myers has retired as theater director at Central Wyoming College after 17 years on the job.

13 - Last week, Fremont County commissioners agreed to cut their $2.2 million deficit for the 2018 fiscal year in half by Thursday, when they're required to advertise a proposed budget to the public.

13 - The area emergency designation due to record flooding in the Wind River Basin has ended, but the impacts of the event will be longer-lasting, especially for users of the Riverton Valley Irrigation District: The Wind River has breached the RVID canal, and until further notice there will be no water in any part of that system.

13 - Reconstruction of the Wyoming Life Resource Center in Lander is expected to begin in spring 2018.

14 - The Ranger published its 62nd Annual Mining & Energy Edition.

15 - As water levels begin receding in local rivers, Fremont County officials are assessing the damage that was done by flooding last week and figuring out what financial assistance they'll be eligible for.

15 - An alcohol ban at City Park has been lifted for Riverton's Chamber of Commerce Alive at Five concerts this summer.

16 - The Wyoming Legislature is expects to have a contractor in place to recalibrate the state's K- 12 school funding model by July 3.

16 - The "carriage right" between the City of Riverton and the LeClair Irrigation District has had 20 more years added to its long-standing partnership.

18 - Wyoming legislators have asked local school administrators to compile a list detailing the pros and cons of district consolidation in Fremont County.

18 - The Fremont County Commission plans to run a $1 million deficit for the 2018 fiscal year.

20 - Crews are on their way to completing a rebuild of the Riverton Valley Irrigation District canal.

20 - Area rivers surged again over the weekend, but they didn't reach levels seen earlier this month in Fremont County.

21 - Longtime Fremont County Treasurer Scott Harnsberger, mired in a dispute with the Fremont County Commission, on Tuesday announced his resignation.

21 - Emergency officials are warning citizens to remain vigilant near local waterways as flows begin to recede this summer.

21 - Beginning this fall, Arapahoe students will go home from school every Friday with a backpack filled with food, thanks to a grant from the First Nations Development Institute.

22 - The Central Wyoming College Board of Trustees has approved the purchase of two lots that will someday hold an outreach center in Jackson.

23 - The Riverton Valley Irrigation District has already spent roughly $580,000 to rebuild its canal system that was severely damaged by record stream flows in the Wind River just two weeks ago.

25 - The Riverton City Council has finalized its $26 million budget last for fiscal year 2017-2018, after two months spent ensuring balanced finances in municipal accounts.

25 - The Loop Road is open from South Pass to Louis Lake Campground.

27 - The Northern Arapaho Tribe has lost the bulk of its lawsuit against the federal government over the issuance of self-determination contracts.

27 - Construction has been completed for the new 1,250 foot section of canal for the Riverton Valley Irrigation District, but the continuing high volume of water has prevented crews from opening up water-flow until the flooding near the district's head gate is controlled.

28 - Fremont County Treasurer Scott Harnsberger is not resigning after all.

29 - A set of closures in Wind River Canyon are intended to help a contractor successfully and safely bring a large rock off the canyon wall to the edge of the highway.

29 - The Riverton Police Department has proposed the city repeal its current vagrancy ordinance in order to protect the constitutional rights of citizens.

30 - The Riverton Valley Irrigation District canal has reopened.

30 - The entire length of the Loop Road is now open.


2 - Fremont County's 2017 fiscal year budget deficit is even larger than estimated previously, according to the top budget official.

2 - The Eastern Shoshone Tribe has submitted its preliminary development plans for the 304 acres of land it bought east of North Federal Boulevard between Webbwood and Honor Farm roads.

5 - Fremont County Clerk Julie Freese plans to permanently close her office in Riverton beginning July 13.

5 - The Eastern Shoshone Tribe has announced a job opening for a part-time tribal liaison position with Gov. Matt Mead's office. In the past, Mead has employed two full-time liaisons - one from the Eastern Shoshone Tribe and one from the Northern Arapahoe Tribe. However, this year funding for the program in half.

6 - The Riverton school district is revising its crisis response plans to be more isolated to individual buildings.

7 - A Veterans Memorial Park re-dedication ceremony in Riverton provided a suitable occasion for local community members to note the transformation of the park itself. New flags, pavement, sponsor bricks and other additions have been structured into the park recently behind Riverton City Hall.

9 - Receding flood waters have left behind pools of water that have become prime breeding grounds for mosquitoes, but most of the buzzing bugs that have emerged so far are not the type that can carry the dreaded West Nile virus.

11 - Until further notice, the Fremont County Commission has immediately instituted numerous fire restrictions after weeks of dry weather and an Independence Day period that brought dozens of fire calls.

11 - Fremont County's unemployment rate improved again in May, and the jobless picture is improved sharply from a year ago.

11 - The Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes both have asked for a rehearing in the ongoing lawsuit to determine whether Riverton and other areas north of the Wind River remain part of the Wind River Indian Reservation.

12 - Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead has requested a public assistance disaster declaration for the state, including Fremont County, as a result of severe spring snowmelt flooding in June.

12 - Fremont County Commissioners have sharply criticized Treasurer Scott Harnsberger for withdrawing from the county clerk's office in Riverton.

13 - A landslide on private property upstream of Dubois is currently threatening the Wind River.

13 - A black bear was shot and likely killed recently after it was spotted getting into a beekeeper's hives near Crowheart, state authorities have announced.

14 - General fund revenue for Riverton schools is expected to drop by about 3 percent for the upcoming 2018 academic year.

14 - The Riverton Rendezvous Balloon Rally began unofficially with a "media day" launch from Central Wyoming College.

14 - As a lengthy drought continues in the Wind River Basin, the Bureau of Land Management's

Lander office and the Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone tribes announced they'll institute fire restriction on land they control.

16 - The Wind River Job Corps has moved to a "closed campus" policy, which will not allow students to leave campus during the school week. Previously, students were simply required to be back on campus by 8 p.m.

18 - Repeated fire safety warnings haven't had an impact on some area residents, who continue to shoot off fireworks and leave campfires unattended despite hot, dry conditions in Fremont County.

19 - No evidence of theft in the Wind River Indian Reservation's joint financial agency was found in a federal probe

19 - Tom Majdic, who handles juvenile prosecution for the Fremont County Attorney's Office, said Wednesday that he plans to run for Fremont County Treasurer in 2018.

20 - Eric Murphy, who has been serving as the interim chief of the Riverton Police Department since April 1, has been selected for the job on a permanent basis.

20 - The number of mosquitoes buzzing around Fremont County has continued to go down, but local pest experts say there are more West Nile-transmitting mosquitoes than earlier in the spring.

21 - A new agreement between the City of Riverton and its air service consultant includes an incentive to generate increased revenues.

21 - Airplane boardings at Riverton Regional Airport reached an eight-month low in June after averaging 722 passengers per month since November.

23 - The chairmen of the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho business councils signed a memorandum of understanding agreeing to a system to re-establish and govern joint programs on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

23 - Results of the latest Proficiency Assessment for Wyoming Students tests show pretty bleak scores for most school districts in Fremont County.

25 - Fremont County Treasurer Scott Harnsberger has cut the roughly $20,000 in bonuses he's traditionally given to his staff, opting to give raises instead.

25 - The Wyoming Game and Fish Department plans to increase the availability of several campsites at wildlife habitat management areas during time around the Aug. 21 solar eclipse.

26 - Some surplus money Riverton staffers found while finalizing last year's budget will be used to help fund the upcoming North Federal Boulevard construction project.

26 - A new "flagship" program being developed at Central Wyoming College takes advantage of the school's proximity to the Wind River Indian Reservation.

27 - Gang activity, including vandalism and violence, is on the rise on the Wind River Indian Reservation, according to local officials.

27 - The Wyoming Life Resource Center in Lander could lose millions of dollars in federal funding each year when it starts serving a different group of clientele as part of a legislature-ordered reconstruction project.

28 - The Riverton Senior Citizens Center has earned approval from the Riverton City Council to pay electric and gas utility bills using grant funding.

28 - Preparations are complete for the 104th Fremont County Fair, with public events starting this weekend at the fairgrounds in Riverton, along with the country fair parade on Main Street.

30 - For the first time since the Fremont County Coroner's Office began tracking such statistics in 2005, Coroner Mark Stratmoen said cannabis has surpassed prescription medication as the second-most common drug involved in non-natural deaths.

30 - The Fremont County roads department plans to spend $581,400 of 1 percent optional sales tax money on hot mix asphalt patching this fiscal year, with most of the work in the area surrounding Riverton.


1 - Riverton Regional Airport crews mowed about 7 acres of grass recently to make room for the influx of general aviation aircraft expected to come to Riverton for the Aug. 21 eclipse.

2 - Talks Tuesday between Fremont County Treasurer Scott Harnsberger and the Fremont County Commission illustrated a relationship that has grown increasingly caustic.

2 - A familiar downtown Lander building was destroyed by fire, and two firefighters were injured during the 10-hour suppression effort.

3 - West Nile virus has been detected this week in a pool of mosquitoes in rural Riverton.

3 - The Riverton City Council is moving forward with a proposal to limit the number of garage and yard sales residents are allowed to have each year.

4 - The Wind River Basin got a double dose of smoke this week from fires in other parts of the country.

6 - A new three-day-per-week preschool is set to debut at Aspen Early Learning Center this fall, a further expansion of the Fremont County School District 25's focus on early childhood education.

8 - With less than two weeks until a total solar eclipse graces Riverton's skies, the city's government is finalizing plans on how it will handle the thousands of visitors that are expected to flow into Riverton and Fremont County.

8 - A team from the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps resumed work this week on restoration of the Simpson Lake Lodge cabins in the Wind River Mountains near Dubois.

9 - President Donald Trump has approved a major disaster declaration for Wyoming, specifically Fremont County and the Wind River Indian Reservation as well as Park County, as a result of flooding this spring.

10 - The Fort Washakie school board voted in June not to renew its transportation agreements with Lander and Pavillion schools.

10 - The new school bus "Z Pass" will be an optional feature for Riverton students this year, but Riverton school officials are hoping parents will "buy-in" to help ensure children get to and from school safely.

11 - The Fremont County Coroner's Office is preparing for the coming solar eclipse as though a hurricane were heading this way.

13 -Both the Fremont County Sheriff's Office and the Riverton Police Department have prepared to have all their officers work 12 hours shifts for four days leading up to the total solar eclipse as visitors begin flocking to the Wind River Basin.

15 - A new registration system for Fremont County School District 25 uses InfoSnap and replaces the old paper system in which parents filled out new forms each year.

15 - Two boys who died while attending the government-run Carlisle Indian Industrial School in Pennsylvania about 135 years ago were returned to the Northern Arapaho Tribe for reburial on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

16 - Officials from the Wyoming Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Administration were in Riverton meeting with local officials to determine which projects will receive reimbursement for June's flood damage.

17 - A series of star gazing and solar viewing programs begin Friday at Boysen State Park and will continue through the Great American Eclipse.

17 - Fort Washakie school staff had mostly moved into their new elementary and high school classrooms as construction crews applied the final touches to the buildings this week.

18 - Hopeful eclipse-viewers continue to stream into Fremont County this week, filling hotels, campsites and roadways in preparation for Monday's astronomical event.

18 - Students throughout Fremont County School District 25 will return to school next week for another year of enrichment and learning.

20 - Fremont County's jail is getting some relief, with its population dropping to 150.

22 - A dazzling sight treated Fremont County residents and thousands of visitors when the first total solar eclipse visible in 99 years arrived at about 11:40 a.m.

23 - Fremont County School District 25's enrollment Tuesday was down 70 students district-wide compared to the start of school in 2016.

23 - Thousands more vehicles than normal streamed into Fremont County over the course of several days prior to Monday's total solar eclipse, causing traffic problems once the event was over and many of those visitors tried to leave the area virtually at the same time.

24 - Fremont County School District 25 in Riverton is developing a plan for an extended school year that would shorten the summer break while adding more time off in the academic schedule.

24 - County law enforcement officials said their 72-hour "eclipse emergency operation" proceeded largely as planned.

24 - For the second time this summer, West Nile virus has shown up in tests of the local mosquito population.

25 - Post-eclipse reports suggest the City of Riverton provided tourists with a positive experience during the long-awaited day.

27 - In July, Denver Air Connection had its been month -- as far as Riverton passenger are concerned -- that it's had since beginning service at Riverton Regional Airport in the middle of 2016.

29 - During a Tuesday visit to the Riverton Rotary Club's weekly lunch meeting, Wyoming Gov. Matt Mead expressed confidence that the state's economy is set to rebound.

29 - Riverton Regional Airport has been busy this season welcoming fleets of helicopters that have stopped in town to refuel.

30 - The City of Riverton continues its search for a permanent city administrator, and Friday is the last day for interested individuals to apply for the post.

30 - A gathering of elected officials, volunteers and interested citizens arrived to celebrate the expansion and rededication of the Center of Hope facility on West Adams Avenue in Riverton.

31 - New SageWest Health Care CEO Alan Daugherty arrived in Fremont County in April and says he's not going anywhere soon. The hospitals have had three other CEOs since the beginning of 2016.

31 - In the coming months, the board of Riverton Regional Airport will consider a proposal to change the airport's name to Wind River Regional Airport.

31 - The body of a man who fell to his death while climbing in the Wind River Mountains has been recovered.


1 - The City of Riverton recently increased the salary for the open city administrator position in order to attract more applicants for the job, Mayor Lars Baker said.

3 - The City of Riverton is now posting on its website the names of residents with unpaid parking tickets and outstanding warrants.

5 - The smoke that has obscured the Wind River Mountains for the past few days lifted slightly Tuesday to reveal at least the foothills of the range west of Riverton.

5 - Local police are asking motorists to use extra caution now that students have returned to school -- and to help police combat use of electronic devices while driving.

6 - The Riverton City Council passed the first reading of a new ordinance that would allow the municipal judge to hand out jail sentences of up to 180 days for public intoxication. The council also passed an ordinance on third reading that will limit the number of yard sales residents are allowed to have each year.

7 - Despite cooling temperatures and shorter days, a fire ban remained in effect in Fremont County.

7 - Alcohol sales didn't seem to impede the Alive at Five events the Riverton Chamber of Commerce held this summer.

7 - Fremont County government is looking to turn over full ownership of 17 Mile Road to the Bureau of Indian Affairs, more than 20 years after all parties had agreed to the transfer.

8 - Wind River Job Corps Center director Julie Gassner will leave her post next week.

10 - A human case of West Nile virus has been reported in Fremont County.

10 - Several former area residents have been affected by the landfall of Hurricane Harvey last month in Houston. Others have come together to help Texas recover.

12 - U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos kicked off her 2017 Rethink School Tour with a visit to St. Stephen's Indian School.

12 - After decades as a cornerstone of the local retail business community, Riverton's Safeway store is closing.

12 - The Northern Arapaho General Council voted to fire Wind River Hotel and Casino chief executive officer Jim Conrad and assistant manager Andrea Clifford, within 30 days, but the vote of the Northern Arapaho Business Council, which has sole authority to make the final decision on that directive, was split 3-3.

13 - The business councils of the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes plan to drop their dueling lawsuits against the federal government as they work toward further cooperation through the newly formed Wind River InterTribal Council.

13 - Central Wyoming College and the Wind River Tribal College are creating a student transfer agreement.

14 - The Fremont County Coroner's Office and a team from the University of Wyoming spent a whole day recovering a set of skeletal remains found last week on the Wind River Indian Reservation.

15 - Five years after Fremont County School District 25 in Riverton implemented a program to reduce expulsions, superintendent Terry Snyder said the district has become a "marquee" for discipline.

17 - Members of the Riverton Regional Airport board signaled their intent Friday to move forward with a name change for the airport, but they don't want to make any decisions before receiving feedback from the public.

17 - A federal judge has approved attorneys in a lawsuit against Encana to move forward with questioning of Jerimiah Rieman, a top official in Gov. Matt Mead's office, to help determine how Encana influenced the Department of Environmental Quality's study of ranchers' groundwater quality east of Pavillion.

19 - Fire restrictions in place locally since July have been lifted.

19 - Enrollment totals at Fremont County School District 25 have improved but there still are 30 fewer students this year than last year.

19 - The Arapaho general council has voted to allow Northern Arapaho Tribal Housing to use federal grant money to construct of a new child care center adjacent to the Wind River Hotel and Casino.

19 - An inmate died at the Wyoming Honor Farm in Riverton.

20 -Anthony Tolstedt is expected to fill the Riverton city administrator position officially on Nov. 1.

21 - Michael Blackburn, an enrolled member of the Northern Arapaho Tribe, has asked the Wind River Indian Reservation's tribal court to carry out a directive of the tribe's general council and remove the top two managers of the Wind River Hotel and Casino.

22 - Aethon Energy asked the Wyoming Oil and Gas Conservation Commission to approve four disposal wells for wastewater as part of recent developments in the long-anticipated Moneta Divide project.

24 - Students from the Wind River Indian Reservation made new friendships with students from a private middle school in Jackson.

26 - A new fence that spans the western and northern edges of Central Wyoming College in Riverton was designed to increase campus safety.

27 - Commissioners for the LeClair Irrigation District were originally eying a mid-October shutoff date, but due to cool, wet weather they now plan to end water access for their users Oct. 2.

28 - The vendor for Fremont County's voting machines -- and the machines of 19 other counties -- is set to end maintenance of those machines after 2020.

29 - Great Lakes Airlines is suspending service to Riverton Regional Airport effective Nov. 1.


1 - The City of Riverton went through 420 gallons of malathion to control the mosquito population this summer.

3 - The first few days of October have been colder than normal, and local meteorologists say that trend will continue for the next couple of weeks.

3 - William Hill, a Riverton High School graduate who is the longest-serving justice currently on the Wyoming Supreme Court, plans

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