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Dec 26, 2017 By Steven R. Peck, Publisher

Christmas Day

Your daily newspaper staff appreciated the day offon Monday. The convenience stores have worked Christmas for many years, and these days there are a few other businesses that are open on Dec. 25, but we've never felt the urge here.

That said, we do observe fewer paid holidays - six - than a lot of other places, and half of those come in the 40-day period we're in right now. Sometimes those holidays affect our regular publishing schedule, sometimes not. It depends on the calendar. Happy holiday season to Ranger readers.

Closing out

Ahead is the final week of 2017. For the record, wewill publish as usual this week, squeezing in a normalSundayedition, complete with Diversions and sports,on Sunday,Dec. 31.

After that, the offices of The Ranger, Ranger Printers and The ADvertiser will be closedMonday, Jan. 1, in observance of New Year's Day.

Year-end Rangers

As 2017 concludes, we have plans in place for a year-end retrospective:

-Coming upSundayis our big Year in Review Edition. Senior news staffer Katie Roenigk has compiled our 12-month news chronology, which we'll present inSunday'sedition, along with an assortment of the top local news pictures of the year.

- This week The Ranger news staff also will vote on the top 10 Fremont County news stories of the year, and we'll present that list, with the pertinent information,on Sundayas well.

- We also participate annually in the Associated Press member newspaper poll of the top national news stories of the year. That tabulation already has been made, but we always wait until the year's final edition to publish it, with accompanying pictures, of course.

- This year we're also working with other Wyoming newspapers in compiling a top 10 news list for the state. Our in-state Associated Press office used to handle this but hasn't done it for a few years now.

- And The Ranger sports staff will compile its top 10 sports stories of the year for Fremont County as well, with pictures to go along with it.

Those elements, along with other year-end features from all our news suppliers, promise a big, comprehensive end-of-2017 Ranger this Sunday.

Lights of the season

Readers were kind with their compliments on our Lights of the Season photo feature that adorned several front pages in the week or two before Christmas, and a number of readers also are participating in our detailed driving route to see some of the best Christmas lights around town.

Again, this reminder: If you are driving that route, get started early, because homeowners at a few of the top sites turn their lights off between8-9 p.m.

Also, try the route on another night if you don't think you saw everything the first time. Some people leave town for a few days at Christmastime and might not have their lights on.

Enjoy the lights of the season.

Go Pokes

The Wyoming Cowboys haven't played in all that many college football bowl games in their 100-plus-year history. Friday's Famous Idaho Potato Bowl appearance was just the 14th, so it was an unaccustomed day fun for the fans. Also, UW's record in bowl games is sub-.500, so getting the victoryon Fridayover Central Michigan was a bonus. And of the bowl games the Pokes have won, there had never been a blowout. Prior toFriday, Wyoming's biggest bowl-game victory margin had been bigger than a touchdown just once, a 20-7 win in the 1951 Gator Bowl. That was a while ago.

So, when the Cowboys took CMU apart 34-17, it was a mighty fine Christmas present for the Brown and Gold faithful.

And make no mistake: Wyoming will be a better team next season for having played in the bowl game. It gave the team about 20 extra practices that non-bowl teams aren't permitted to conduct.


From time to time we cover the likelihood of a "white Christmas" in the Wind River Basin. Part of the discussion has to do with the definition of the term. For some, white

Christmas means snow can be seen on the ground, somewhere, on Christmas Day. For others, it has to be a full blanket of snow -- white Christmas for everyone, in other words.

And for the real devotees, white Christmas means snowfall on Christmas Eve night or Christmas Day itself.

We'll leave the arguing to others, but it would be hard not to describe the Christmas just passed as anything but white.

And there is no debate at all on another part of Christmas meteorology. Dec. 25, 2017, was about as cold a Christmas as we'll ever see. These are some cold, dark days.

Cheer up, everyone. It's supposed to warm up a littleon Wednesday, and Christmas is just 364 days away.

Here's to a good week.

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