County won't vacate Dubois road

Dec 26, 2017 By Daniel Bendtsen, Staff Writer

Fremont County Commissioners have decided not to vacate a Dubois road that the owners of 3 Spear Ranch had hoped to privatize.

The county board voted unanimously to keep Little Warm Spring Creek Road public. Commissioner Larry Allen even suggested the county should blade the street to allow emergency vehicles to access a nearby subdivision.

The county has never maintained the road, which the ranch has blocked off for the last decade.

The road provides some access to land controlled by the Bureau of Land Management, and most Dubois residents who offered feedback on the subject urged the county to keep the road public.

Dubois's town council even passed a resolution last week urging the county not to vacate.

A petition circulated in the town collected more than 170 signatures.

Dubois Mayor Twila Blakeman said that, in the future, the county should only consider vacating the road if 3 Spear Ranch clears a new path to the BLM land.

The road is accessed south of Dubois by Third Street. The county contracted to have the Third Street bridge, which crosses the Wind River, replaced this month.

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