Airport's name to stay same

Dec 17, 2017 By Daniel Bendtsen, Staff Writer

Dean Peranteaux, who chairs the Riverton Regional Airport Board, announced Friday that the board is no longer pursuing a name change for the airport.

Some members of the board, and those responsible for marketing tourism in Fremont County, had suggested changing the airport's name to Wind River Regional Airport.


When the board took public comment on the proposal at an October meeting, Riverton City Council member Mike Bailey said the decision "should not be taken lightly or rushed into."

Riverton public works director Kyle Butterfield said it would cost $7,500 to adjust signage for the name change and at least $10,000 to change the "Fly Riverton" marketing campaign.

Peranteaux said that a name change could be confusing for private pilots who know they're flying to an airport called "Wind River" but their equipment would still list the airport's code as "RIW."

Cathy Cline, who sits on the Wind River Visitor's Council and the local air service task force, said a name change would be appropriate as marketing of the airport expands out from just Riverton.

"I want it to be more inclusive of the other areas," she said, noting that advertising is "not as heavily Riverton-based as we used to be."

"Our communities are disparate," she said. "They don't have a single identity outside of 'Wind River.'"

The City of Riverton owns the airport, which is the only commercial field in Fremont County.

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