Summer or winter, it's a 'beautiful day in Fremont County'

Dec 7, 2017 By Carl Manning

In Fremont County we all woke up to a dusting of snow on Monday morning.

Not much, just a reminder that there will be a winter -- so be ready.

As I looked out the window and saw that snow, I became mindful of the chores I needed to do before heading to work. Dress appropriately, then shovel the walk so that it would clear enough to melt and dry up later in the day, and, mainly, to think about all the pitfalls of snow and slick.

I've fallen and slid through intersections enough to see snow and remember the bumps and near-misses clearly. So it is an important item to set in your mind.

When I shoved my walk, I found that gravely kind of ice just below the wispy snow on top. My snow blower does do well with the gravely ice, but the wispy snow just made a snow fog because of the slight wind that was blowing.

So I switched to the trusty old shovel to finish the job. It worked well, and I finished up a little later than I had planned on -- but so far, so good.

I brushed my windows, headlights and taillights, then scraped front and back windows, making sure the wipers were not stuck to the window, and then brushed my jacket again, because some of the of the snow I had brushed from the car ended up on me.

Again, not bad, just another wintry day in Wyoming.

I minded the turns, stops and intersections, watched my fellow drivers ,and got to work safely. I got out of my car to walk to office, and stepped out into the sun, which, for the first time that morning, I really appreciated. Suddenly I thought: "Another Beautiful Day in Fremont County," which a radio announcement I woke up to most of my childhood. That was what my Dad would use to wake my brother and me up. Usually blaring and obnoxious, but effective.

Lots of people around here of a certain age remember that mantra from a local radio announcer, and I think most of us remember it fondly. I know I do.

The person who said it was a weather guy from the National Weather Service. Thank you, Ivan Gee, for putting "Another Beautiful Day in Fremont County" in my brain and letting it pop up to refresh my love for where we live -- not only on sunny, warm days, but those wintry, cold days, too. We are blessed to live where we live. Take care, and have A Beautiful Day in Fremont County.

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