Arts Center work, Sinks Canyon job on CWC's list

Dec 5, 2017 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Central Wyoming College plans seven major maintenance projects during the current biennium in addition to the heating, ventilation and air conditioning improvements that will accommodate a new cosmetology program in the Professional-Technical building on the Riverton campus.

The state of Wyoming already has approved all of the work, according to Willie Noseep, CWC's vice president for administrative services.

Arts center

One project that is scheduled for completion during the holiday break this month initially was planned for 2015.

In his memo to the CWC Board of Trustees last month, Noseep explained that floor finishes in the Robert A. Peck Arts Center originally were included as additional alternate work as part of the CWC student success project bid in the fall of 2015.

The contractor - Yeates Construction - still is willing to honor the bid submitted at that time, Noseep said.

Along with the floor finishes, he said workers already have replaced bad electrical floor boxes and applied paint in the arts center gallery. Final details will be completed next month.

"This project has improved the safety of the floor boxes and has updated the flooring in the arts center, along with brightening the gallery with new paint," he wrote in his memo.

His request for funding from the state indicated the old floor boxes didn't seal tightly to the floor and were loose.

CWC requested more than $130,000 for the work, and the state approved $110,000.

The college also requested and was granted $30,000 to replace steps and associated concrete at the arts center that were not compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

"The existing handrails and steps do not meet ADA requirements and limit access to the building," Noseep wrote in his request to the state.

The project, which was under contract to 71 Construction, was scheduled for completion this fall.


Another ongoing project will update CWC's current HVAC controls from JAVA to HTML on the Riverton campus.

In his request for funding, Noseep said JAVA controls are no longer supported for HVAC systems and present a "vulnerability to the facility." Plus, he noted, HTML controls and hardware will be easier to operate.

The project start date was listed as Nov. 1, with completion anticipated in December. CWC requested and was granted $143,000 in state funding for the work.

Another HVAC project was included in Noseep's funding request: CWC asked the state for more than $370,000 for HVAC upgrades and building envelope repairs at the student center in Riverton.

"The HVAC upgrades include modifications, piping insulation and equipment upgrades to the existing HVAC system to better condition the building and to improve energy efficiency," Noseep wrote in his request, noting that EDA Engineering would provide a study of the mechanical system.

The work is scheduled to start in February, with completion in June.


Another project slated for 2018 is scheduled for completion next summer and won't be initiated until March, according to Noseep's funding request.

CWC asked for $485,000 to replace old boilers with new boilers and pumps in the Riverton campus boiler plant.

The request reflected an estimate provided by EDA Engineering as a result of that group's study of the project, which was under design at the time of Noseep's report to the board.

The state approved more than $360,000 for the work.


Fremont Hall at the CWC Sinks Canyon Center was the subject of a $100,000 funding request. The document indicates the facility needs building envelope repairs and classroom repairs.

"This project involves the replacement of original casement windows, doors and exterior finishes," Noseep wrote. "Interior work includes replacement of finishes and other work to update classroom and (a) meeting room."

Work is scheduled to begin in May, with completion next June.


Finally, CWC asked the state for $30,000 that will go to replace floor and wall finishes and make modest interior modifications in the main hall in Riverton.

"This project includes needed upgrades to instructional and library spaces in order to meet current instructional needs," Noseep wrote.

CWC will provide furniture, fixtures and other equipment, he added.

The work is scheduled to begin in May, with completion next June.

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