Meth-related death confirmed; second in less than a month in Fremont County

Nov 17, 2017 By Katie Roenigk, Staff Writer

Methamphetamine was involved in another accidental death this month in Fremont County.

Officials say Warren N. St. Clair, 61, died Nov. 5 of convulsions and circulatory collapse due to methamphetamine toxicity.

Test results showed he had 520 nanograms per milliliter of meth in his system when he died.

In previous reports, Fremont County's chief deputy coroner Erin Ivie explained that a convulsion looks like a seizure but actually is a side effect of methamphetamine use, as is circulatory collapse, which involves heart failure, or a heart flutter that leads to an "irreparable stop in the heartbeat."

"(Both are) due to over-ingestion of meth," she said.

Initial reports from the Fremont County Sheriff's Office indicate St. Clair's body was found in Fort Washakie. His obituary states he died in his home.

St. Clair's death was recorded about two weeks after the death of Matthew J. Lawson, 35.

Lawson was pronounced dead Oct. 18.

Fremont County Coroner's reports indicate he died of an accidental methamphetamine overdose, too, with convulsions and circulatory collapse due to methamphetamine toxicity labeled as the cause of death.

Testing revealed Lawson had 550 ng/ml in his system at the time.

"Unfortunately meth is on the rise," Ivie said Friday.

"Any amount can be fatal at any time. It doesn't matter if you're a chronic user or a newly found meth addict."

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