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Nov 14, 2017 By Steven R. Peck, Publisher

Dutiful November

We're halfway through November now, and so far winter is being kept at bay. The Old Man is dipping his toe into the pool but so far hasn't made much of a splash.

Last year, remember, we enjoyed nice fall weather until the middle of the month as well, but the first of what would turn out to be a half-dozen major winter snowstorms hit Nov. 17. The Riverton Valley was pretty well socked in for the next five months after that.

2017 is shaping up differently so far, with dry weather and temperatures at least in the 40s predicted well into next week. The earliest forecast available for Thanksgiving Day is looking good.

There's just no denying winter by the time December arrives, but so far November is keeping winter's door closed.

A day on the rise

Saturday'sVeterans Day activities around Fremont County were varied, and participation appeared to be up a tick or two from earlier years.

Enthusiasm for holiday observances tends to run in cycles. For years Veterans Day dwindled in the public consciousness locally, in large part because there weren't as many veterans as there used to be. Now there are more men and women in uniform, and awareness of veterans' issues among the public is increasing again.

This year theSaturdayparade was bigger than it had been, and there were other, coordinated events at various spots around town that offered some new experiences for the holiday, with pretty good participation.

Our news staff hopped from place to place and got most of the activities covered on a busy, interesting weekend.

Nice going, organizers. You did the holiday proud.

Alabama's mess

The sudden, growing series of reports about men harassing women sexually in the realms of business, entertainment and government has been a headline-dominating news cycle for a month or more. There has been so much of it that it is hard to keep track of the individual cases. But Roy Moore is making a strong bid to join Harvey Weinstein as the signature figures in this increasingly crowded arena.

Moore, the erratic and controversial Alabama judge who won the nomination to run as the Republican candidate in the special election to fill the Alabama U.S. Senate seat vacated when Jeff sessions became attorney general, is facing a raft of allegations from, so far, five women who claimed he behaved improperly, sometimes criminally, toward them in a sexual manner -- when they were teen-agers.

Compounding Moore's case is that the women say these unwanted and unlawful advances occurred when he was in his 30s and when they were teenagers. One was 14 at the time.

This has become an embarrassment to the Republican Party, and even some of the staunchest party loyalists - who gave Donald Trump a pass on some somewhat similar issues - are asking Moore to withdraw from the Senate election before voting takes placeDec. 12. Coverage of this is exhaustive, and opinions, while strongly against Moore, or not unanimous. His defenders are fierce.

What does any of this have to do with Wyoming? Simple: Wyoming voters can be grateful that this is not happening in our state. It does not involve our senators, and we can participate as spectators rather than as residents and voters. It's a mess, but it isn't our mess. Be glad for that.

New on the board

Congratulations to Jenni Wildcat, newest member of the Riverton school board. In filling a vacancy through the appointment process, School District 25 trustees had a large field of well-qualified candidates to choose from, including two past board members, but Wildcat emerged as the person who will fill the seat emptied recently by Sandra Barton's resignation.

It is a ground-breaking decision by the board, adding a name and face to the panel which will bring a new measure of diversity that reflects both the student body and the school district at large. Dig in, Jenni, and give us your best.

Rustlers at 'The Corral'

Don't forget, there is college basketball in Fremont County. The Central Wyoming College men and women have a few games under their belts already. The Rustler men's team hosted a small tournament over the weekend. They play a skilled and enjoyable brand of the sport.

If you haven't been up to the gym on campus in Riverton for a while, it won't be as you remember it. The refurbishing of the court, the sound system, the bleachers and the lighting has transformed the place. Rustler Gym looks great, and the men's team got off to a rousing home start over the weekend, with two lopsided wins.

"The Corral" is a nickname for the gym coined by the editorial writer, then picked upSundayin a column by sports editor Scott Akanewich. Maybe it will catch on, maybe it won't, but it's the kind of thing that makes local sports more fun to follow.

Enjoy a few months of sports in the great indoors, and here's to a good week.

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