Our bin runneth over

Nov 9, 2017 By Steven R. Peck, Publisher

A week or two ago, we used the space to encourage Fremont County residents to participate in the local Coats for Folks project. It's a simple idea - find warm-weather garments you've outgrown or set aside, and place them in community collection bins around town so they might be distributed to families and individuals who need them each winter.

What the idea needed most was coordination, and for years that has been provided, ably, the Riverton Kiwanis Club.

The Ranger has been one of the collection points from the start, and today we can say with great appreciation that our collection bin runneth over. The outpouring of donations has been so great that Carl Manning, our local are in-house Kiwanian and, has had to empty the box several times to make room for more coats, gloves, vest, hats, and scarves.He has a half dozen big plastic bags in his office, all bulging with contributed coats.

Now it's time to make the coats available.This Saturday morningat the St. Margaret's School gymnasium -- 220 N. 7th E. in Riverton -- the coats collected around town will be sorted and displayed in a more or less orderly manner. Anyone who needs a coat or related cold-weather item is welcome to it, at no charge and with no questions asked.

This year's effort has been assisted by some citizens who have bought new coats and added them to the bins, as well as by volunteers who have knitted one-of-a-kind hats and scarves for the giveaway.

Coats for Folks demonstrates that charitable operations on a relatively simple design can be of significant importance to the community. If you contributed this year, thank you. And if you or some you know needs a coat, please don't be embarrassed, bashful or hesitant. They are there for one purpose -- to be put to use.

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