County offers cost share for pest

Mar 26, 2017 From wire reports

Fremont County Weed and Pest is now offering a 40 percent cost share on chemical controls for oystershell scale purchased at one of its shops or an approved dealer.

Oystershell scale is a waxy-covered insect that sucks the sap out of a plant or tree. The species most impacted by the insect are aspen, cottonwood, ash, lilac and cotoneaster.

During outbreaks, the scales can cause limb die-back and, in some cases, death to the plant or tree. The clinging insects also can weaken certain plants or trees, making them more vulnerable to disease.

During the dormant overwinter period, you can gently scrub off scale from trunks and limbs and apply dormant oil spray for partial control.

Starting in late April and into May, local residents are advised to look for scale hatch and, if found, apply horticultural oils, soaps and contact insecticides according to product labels.

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