Lander library to screen Domingo-featured opera

Dec 30, 2016 From wire reports

The creme de la creme of opera comes together at the Metropolitan Opera's presentation of Nabucco on Saturday, Jan. 7 at 10:55 am at the Lander library.Legendary tenor Placido Domingo is joined by equally legendary conductor James Levine for Giuseppe Verdi's "Nabucco."

The play begins as the Babylonian king has conquered Jerusalem and taken the Hebrews into captivity. Returning to Babylon, he goes mad and is imprisoned. His daughter, Abigaille, supported by the Baal priests, sets herself up as regent.. Abandoning the god Baal, Nabucco prays to Jehovah for help. When Abigaille commits suicide, Nabucco resumes his rule, and now faithful to Jehovah, sets the prisoners free.

Often, the New York audience at the Metropolitan demands an encore of "Va pensiero", the mournful song of the captives.

Placido Domingo began as a baritone, then decided his voice was able to succeed in the tenor roles.As he grew older his voice deepened and he resumed baritone roles.

Lunch may be ordered from the Breadboard to be delivered to the library. There is a $10 donation, $5 for children and students.

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