WDH reviewing plan of correction for SageWest

Nov 16, 2016 By Kelli Ameling, Staff Writer

If the plan of correction is not approved, the facility could lose its Medicare/Medicaid certifications.

The Wyoming Department of Health is reviewing the plan of correction SageWest Health Care had to turn in by Nov. 10 after a recent site visit to its facilities in Fremont County.

A report from the WDH shows a visit was initiated on Oct. 19 to follow up after a complaint was made in 2015 regarding less-than-sterile conditions at SageWest Health Care.

A first on-site visit occurred in May 2016, then after receiving another complaint, a second on-site visit was conducted in October.

The site visit outlined seven areas the hospital needed to improve on - five of which involved reoccurring issues, two of which involved new issues. The issues stemmed from equipment not being clean before and during surgeries, rooms not being kept at the proper humidity, sterilization needs and more.

The WDH confirmed SageWest Health Care met the Nov. 10 deadline to submit its plan of correction.

"It is under review, and I don't have an estimate on when we would be able to provide it," WDH spokeswoman Kim Deti said of the plan.

When describing the process of what happens next, she said Health Care Licensing and Surveys works with the hospital to obtain an acceptable plan of correction.

If the plan is approved, Health Care Licensing will do an unannounced on-site visit survey at some point after the compliance date.

"The intent is to verify the facility has followed their plan of correction and to ensure they are in compliance with the regulatory requirements," Deti said.

If the plan of correction is not approved, the facility could lose its Medicare/Medicaid certifications.

"(Health Care Licensing and Surveys) staff tells me Wyoming facilities are always cooperative in working with (Health Care Licensing and Surveys) to attain an acceptable (plan of correction) as soon as possible," Deti said.

Overall, she continued, it is the facilities' responsibility to maintain compliance with state and federal rules.

"Situations where we call for plans of correction are not uncommon, however, no one at (Health Care Licensing and Surveys) can recall a Wyoming hospital losing its certification as a result of the process," Deti said.

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