Tuesday notes

Oct 27, 2015 By Steven R. Peck


For some weeks now we've been wondering in print if this might be a year when central Fremont County gets clear to November before Mother Nature delivers the first "killing" frost of the season. Through Monday, Oct. 26, it still hadn't happened. On average the first freeze would have occurred 40 days before now. It is astonishing that we still have gone so long without a killing frost.It takes about 28 degrees to bring the growing season to a widespread end, and to date we haven't even hit 32 for our low.

That's about to change. Tuesday night's projected low at Riverton Regional Airport: 29... or 26, or 25, depending on the forecaster.

Fall back

Another autumn occasion is at hand. Daylight Saving time is coming to an end this weekend. When you wake up Sunday morning, the time change will have taken place, so turn your clocks back one hour before you go to bed Saturday -- or at 2 a.m. Sunday if you are a night owl.

Art for all

Lots of people have commented already on the new art mural adorning the east wall of our Ranger building at 421 East Main in downtown Riverton. Jon Cox is the artist, and the reproduction was hung Saturday afternoon.

He has worked with Hal Herron for some years to hang big art -- often publicity murals acquired from galleries in metropolitan areas -- around Riverton, but this is a painting of a local scene by a local artist. Mike Martin lent his practical expertise Saturday in getting the painting mounted our brick exterior.

We like the painting, and the ongoing effort to include art in the public landscape of the city even more. Keep it going.

Quake relief

The year's biggest natural disaster was not Hurricane Patricia, the mega-whopper storm that happened to make landfall in a relatively unpopulated area of Mexico on Friday and Saturday rather than smack in the middle of resort haven Puerto Vallarta as feared, but the magnitude-7.5 earthquake centered in northern Afghanistan, killing at least 300 on Monday and sending tens of thousands of people into the streets as their homes collapsed behind them.

Among the hardest-hit areas was the city of Jarm, where a school was destroyed, killing at least 12 young students.

This often is not an easy place in the world to live, with inhospitable terrain, fierce winters, unstable government, seemingly endless military conflicts involving the Taliban and its opponents, and now another earthquake in a part of the world that gets quakes more often than most.

When disaster strikes, help is needed. If you'd like to play a role, a key relief agency in the region is the Afghan Red Crescent Society, reachable online at

The Nobel Prize-winning medical practitioners Doctors Without Borders also is on the scene in the quake zone. Contributions can be made online at And UNICEF, the United Nations-sponsored aid group with children as its focus, can be assisted at or

Top 10

Outside our borders, Wyoming is known best for Yellowstone National Park, the Tetons and Devil's Tower, all prime attractions. Inside the state, however, state parks draw tens of thousands of visitors, mostly locals, for recreation and relaxation. On Sunday reporter Eric Blom's page-1 story noted that two of the 10 most-visited state parks are in Fremont County, Boysen and Sinks Canyon.

When is the last time you visited either of these back-yard gems? As we dream of faraway destinations requiring travel expense, hassle and inconvenience, we can overlook the prime spots much closer to home.

Champion Chiefs

Sports fans think basketball first when the topic is the Wyoming Indian High School Chiefs, but they have been even more dominant in cross country running. On Saturdaythe WIHS boys won the Class 2-A state cross country championship for the eighth year in a row. Even the storied basketball team has never done that. Under the steady, experienced hand of coach Chico Her Many Horses, the Chief boys just keep winning (and often the Chief girls, too). And here's good news for Wyoming Indian and bad news for the rest of Class 2-A cross country: The Chiefs will be favored to win in 2016, too.

Fall Classic

One of the great times of year for mainstream American sports fans is here. The World Series is starting, with the pitching-rich New York Mets facing the Kansas City Royals, who are representing the American League for the second year in a row. Mets to win, in fewer than seven.

Here's to a good week.

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