The way it was: South Pass City gift -1968

Sep 13, 2015 From staff reports

South Pass City was beginning its revival in the late 1960s, on the way to becoming the full Wyoming State Historic Site it is today.

In Lander, Don Stough Post 33 of the American Legion was involved. Forty-seven years ago this week, the post donated a a new Wyoming state flag as part of a ceremonial visit to Lander by several dignitaries.

From left, National Wildlife Federation executive director Tom Kimball, South Pass City development committee member Dorothy Cable of Cheyenne, committee members Edness Kimball Wilkins of Casper and Jack Nicholas of Lander, and Jeanne Werner, a former U.S. Navy WAVE who at the time was one of just three women to command an American Legion post, pictured on Sept. 11, 1968.

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