The way it was: Cyclists - 1974

Jul 12, 2015 Staff

Anyone stopping for a break at the old Lakeside Resort and campground at the North end of the Boysen Reservoir causeway on a Wednesday night in July 1974 would have found the place crowded. Fifty-four cyclists on a 4,100-mile ride were already there.

The all-male group, ages 13-22, was called deCycle, and the riders were pedaling from Canada through the western U.S. and back again. The church-affiliated cyclists were 12 days into a 40-day excursion when they hit Fremont County, logging 170 miles that day from a spot just east of Douglas to Riverton. The group stopped for dinner at Lakeside, then rode the final 18 miles to Riverton before sundown. It was their longest ride of the journey to date. An average day covered about 120 miles.

After spending the night at the United Methodist Church in Riverton, deCycle headed northwest. By nightfall the following day, the cyclists were camping near the summit of Togwotee Pass.

The picture was shot July 17, 1974.

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