The way it was: Airline crew -- 1954

Mar 17, 2014 Staff

Riverton Regional Airport was a key hub for Frontier Airlines in the 1954, so much so that the airline organized an air show to commemorate Frontier's 10,000th flight to the airport since commercial passenger service had begun seven years earlier.

The 21-passenger Douglas DC-3 was the mainstay of the Frontier fleet. Initial service offered just two flights daily, but by 1954 six Frontier flights arrived at the airport daily. During peak times, there were three planes on the ground at the same time twice a day.

For the air show, Frontier executives flew to the airport throughout the day, as did Wyoming Gov. Rogers. Remarkably, the airline flew 32 free sightseeing trips during the day as well, gliding at low altitude over Riverton, Lander, Bull Lake Dam and Boysen Reservoir, among other spots, with 832 people taking advantage of the free flight. More than 600 of them said they had never flown in an airplane prior to that day.

The show also welcomed two U.S. Air Force T-33 jet planes, which flew in tandem over the field, breaking the sound barrier and treating the estimated 1,000 spectators to a sonic boom.

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